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    1.--Have you ever seen Peter recently?
    --Yes. He ________ me to ask you how you ___________along with your new job these days.
    A. has asked; have been getting B. asked; were getting
    C. often asks; are getting D. asked; are getting
    2. The managers discussed the plan that they would like to see___________ the next year
    A. carry out B. carrying out
    C. carried out D. to carry out
    3. --I'll help you whenever you need me,--I would love____________.
    A. you helping B. that you'll help
    C. you to help D. that you help
    4. I hope____________ the job she's applied for(申请).
    A. she's going to get B. she'll get
    C. she is to get D. she decides to get
    5. Mrs. Green wants to buy that kind of cloth because she___________ that the cloth__________ very well.
    A. has been told; washes B. is told; is washed
    C. has been told; is washed D. is told; is washed
    6. Let us not waste____________ time we have left.
    A. the little B. little C. a little D. a little more
    7. I think the doctor is able to cure of___________.
    A. all B. what C. whatever D. anything
    8. __________, we'll come to see you again.
    A. If time will permit B. Time permits
    C. Time permitting D. Time permitted
    9. --Nancy is not coming tonight. --But she __________!
    A. promises B. promised
    C. will promise D. had promised
    10.__________ some medals came to live in the sea is not known.
    A. Which B. Since C. Although D. How
    11. --Paul, I'd like to have a talk with you at tea break.
    -- __________ Have what with me?
    A. Yes, please. B. Sorry? C. Thanks. D. You're welcome.
    12. If you ____________ stop smoking, you can only expect to have a bad cough.
    A. won’t B. would not C. do not D. can not
    13. He's unlucky, and he's always suffering____________ luck one after another.
    A. a sick B. an ill C. sick D. ill
    14. The news about the terrible flood there greatly discouraged __________ there for sightseeing.
    A. us from going B. us to go C. our going D. our to go
    15. If I had__________, I’d visit Europe, stopping at all the small interesting places.
    A. a long enough holiday B an enough long holiday
    C. a holiday enough long D. a long holiday enough
    16. Nobody noticed the thief slip into the house because the lights happened to__________.
    A. put up B. give in C. be turned on D. go out
    17. Besides Tom, ________ Crosettes have two other sons, __________ of whom are all interested in making model planes.
    A. 不填; two B. 不填; the two
    C. the, three D. the, the three
    18. Mr. Zhang gave all textbooks to all the pupils, except___________ who had already taken tem.
    A. these B. those C. the ones D. the others
    19. ____________professional violinist practices for several hours a day, but____________ violinist has his own way of playing the Beethoven concert.
    A. Each, every B. Every, each C. One, a D. All, each
    20.—Who has taken my pen away?
    —__________. He was here a moment ago.
    A. It must be Li Ping B. It is Li Ping take
    C. Li Ping is D. Li Ping must take
    21. My dictionary__________. I have looked for it everywhere but still
    A. has lost; do not find B. is missing; do not find
    C. has lost; have not found D. is missing; have not found
    22. Shortly after the accident, two___________ police were sent to the spot to keep order.
    A. dozens of B. dozens C. dozen of D. dozen
    23. —May I have another chocolate?
    —Yes, of course.___________.
    A. Take it yourself B. Eat it, please
    C. Help yourself D. Have it yourself
    24. We will take________ wants to go there for a sight - seeing.
    A. whoever B. who C. anybody D. all that
    25. I caught the last bus from town, but Harry came home___________ that night.
    A. very late B. even later C. the same late D. the last one
    26. --What was the party like?
    --Wonderful. It is years_____________ I enjoyed myself so much.

    27. Isn't it very kind __________ your parents to do that for us?
    A. for B to C. about D. of
    28. There is a _________ of 1000 dollars for the return
    A. reward B. prize C. thank D. praise
    29. A man does not know the difficulty of anything_________ he does it personally.
    A. although B. if C. because D. unless
    30. I don't remember___________ to the airport that year.
    A. to be taken B. being taken C. having D. to take

    1.D文句的含义是:“近来你见到彼德了吗?”第一个答语是肯定的,后面的动作是过去的事,因此使用asked。第二空是否受asked的制约,要由离第二个空白处最近的动词决定,离它近的是动词不定式to ask,据此根据句意,第二个空白处应该使用现在进行时。
    2.C本题考查的是定语从句的用法。在这个定语从句里,they是其主语,would like to see是其复合谓语,that修饰的是先行词the plan,同时that也是see的宾语,the plan是被执行的,被实施的,只有过去分词可以表示被动。
    3.C本题考查的是动词不定式,应该掌握1 would love/like to do/have done这个固定用法。所以本题的正确答案是C。
    4.B will或shall用来表示希望或期望。因此在表示与希望有关的动词或动词短语的宾语从句中的将来时态时,要用will或shall。这些动词或短语是:hope,expect,be sure,believe,think,suppose,doubt和be afraid等。
    5.A根据语境,第一个空白处应该使用现在完成时的被动语态,第二个空白处应该选用washes,因为wash这个动词也可作不及物动词使用,它的词意是“耐洗”。英语中This cloth washes well表达的是:这布很耐洗。
    6.A一般地说,不定代词many,little或few前是不许使用定冠词的,但是如果他们修饰的名词有特指或限定意义时,它们前面就应使用定冠词了。如:I soon finished the few books she had lent me.(她借给我的那几本书,我很快就看完了乎)
    7.C whatever具备两个意思,其一是no matter what,引导让步状语从句;其二是anything that,引导名词性从句,在本题中,whatever引导的是一个宾语从句,whatever 在这个宾语从句中被用作主语。
    9.B本题是对动词的时态的考查,考生只要抓住句中not coming,说明“答应”发生的时间是在过去。故使用动词的一般过去式。
    11.B本题是交际用语的考查。解此题的关键是看到答句中have what with me,说明说话人没有听清楚问话人,只有B项符合题意。
    12.A will除了用作表示将来时的助动词外,还可用来强调愿意或不愿意。又如:If you will/would wait a moment,1 will fetch the money。但是在表示不肯或不愿意时,则只能使用won't,不能使用would not。
    14.A discourage与encourage互为反义词。英语中说“鼓励某人做某事”时使用encourage sb.to do sth.,但如果表示“使某人没勇气做某事”时,不能用discourage sb.to do sth.,其正确形式是:discourage sb from doing stho
    17.D在英语的姓氏前使用定冠词,表示的是这个姓氏的一家人或这个姓氏的夫妇:“the+数词+0f+代词”这一结构表示该代词的总数是前面的数词表示的数量, 而“数词+.of+代词”结构中的代词表示的量肯定大于前面数词表示的数量。
    18.C one本来是数词,但也可用作不定代词,代替前面刚提到的一个东西或人,避免重复前面刚提到的名词,有时one可以有自己的定语或冠词,甚至可以有复数形式。
    19.B every与each都是指“每一个”,但内涵不一样。every与all含义很接近。英文中常用every进行概括,强调事物或人的总体性,而each则表示个别概念,当我们说each violinist时,我们想到的是每个不同的人做着不同的事。
    21.D lose是个及物动词,如果要表示某物丢失了,只能用被动语态。A项与C项 使用的都是其主动形式。missing是形容词,其词义是:lost;not to be found(丢失了), 据此,第一空缺处应填人is missing。根据语境,第二个空缺处应填使用现在完成时的否定形式,因为它可以表示目前还未发生的动作。
    22.D英语中一些表示数字的名词的前面如果用了数词,这些名词必须是单数形式,如dozen(一打),score(二十)和head(头)等,例如:另外两打鸡蛋another two dozen eggs。但是如果这些名词用来虚指某些可数名词时,这些名词呈复数形式,其后要加上介词of,例如:dozens of pencils(几十支铅笔)。
    23.C本题是口语中习惯用法。help yourself表示“请自便”。考生只要理解了题意便能比较容易找出答案。
    24.A whoever具备两个意思,其一是no matter who,引导让步状语从句;其二是anyone who,引导名词性从句,在本题中,whoever引导的是一个宾语从句,whoever在这个宾语从句中用作主语。
    26.D英语中“It is+时间”有三种不同的用法。其一是:“It is+时间+that…”,这是强调结构的句型;其二是:“It is+一段时间before…”,这一句型的意思是:“完这个从句所表示的事所需的时间量”;其三是:“It is+一段时间+since...”这一句型表示的是从从句中动词的动作起所延续的时间。
    27.D本题是固定用法的考查。It is+形容词+of/for+sb.+t0 do是固定的句型。但两个句型用法不同,如果形容词表示人的性质,如kind,nice等必须用of。
    28.A本题是词语辨析题。只要理解the return of the gold ring,考生就能知道1000 dollars是作为答谢,故用reward。
    29.D连词unless本身具有否定意义:i£..not,引导的是否定的条件句,这种否定的条件句从反面来强调的语气,一些语法学家称它为“反面的惟一条件句”,如: One cannot master a foreign language well unless he studies it hard.


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